High Impact Data & Fundamental Outlook

Morning Forex Trading with Vance (video) 5/10/16
Submited by Vance Williams on May 10th, 2016 at 7:05 am
I talked about the various news events impacting sentiment, and then showed you how I defined the key levels and ...
Morning Forex Trading (live) with Vance 5/5/16
Submited by Vance Williams on May 5th, 2016 at 7:06 am
I talked this morning about the labor market, ADP and NFE.   I then evaluated price movement, missing an optimal ...
Morning Forex Trading with Vance 5/4/16 (video)
Submited by Vance Williams on May 4th, 2016 at 6:41 am
I talked about a minor change impacting the USD reversal yesterday.  Shared a follow up from yesterday, and talked about ...

Comments from Our Traders

Hi Vance,
Good evening, my name is Solomon I live in UK, Bristol. I started trading 2 years back I was always interested in forex and share and commodities. so after a few search I went and joined a coaching company and spend nearly £3000 for the course it self and after that I opened a broker account and got the charting from E-Signals and started to do some live trading with all the materials they have given me and taught. but I never really gained any thing only loosing money regularly. there was no consistency in my trading I lost a lot of my capital to cut short it didn’t work. And this started to effect me a lot as it was hard to arrange the capital, all my plans went wrong this in a way effected in my family life as well.so I stopped trading for a while to get my self back from what have happened . so after few months I stared it again hoping to do the right things. I started to look in the internet for proper advise and strategies. then I came across your web site and I been following your site for a while now and I really like your approach to coaching. so here I am. lets hope this time god will give the grace to succeed. I am aware with the basic but I am happy to go through all over again. Thanks Vance, speak to you soon.

Solomon Samuel

When I started with Forexartofwar, I didn’t really know what to expect as I had no previous experience in Forex. The first thing that caught my attention was the sense of community among Forexartofwar traders and Vance’s personal coaching. This community of traders is dedicated to making each other the best trader they can possibly be. For someone with no Forex experience, it has been tremendous for me to have all my questions answered and learn from traders from around the world. It is one thing to learn about Forex, but having a team that works tirelessly to ensure that you actually execute well what you have learned is unprecedented to me. I’m continuously encouraged to apply what I learn in classes by taking trades and posting them on forums. For each trade I post, I receive feedback from Vance and other traders with the intended purpose of making my next trade better. Forexartofwar is SIMPLY THE BEST, you guys ROCK!!!

Aime Mbakop

Vance and his team of trainers are the real deal. They are passionate and hold nothing back to help us achieve success. Sincere, knowledgeable, passionate. What else can you look for? :)

Welcome to the family.

Oscar Lim

Problems with technology will not stop Vance.

During my level 3 review of 10 trades, Internet connection issues meant that we could not hear each other. Undeterred we continued the meeting by a more old fashioned method – typing. “We should not let technology, stop us from getting things done” said Vance.
this man will go through any barrier to make you a successful trader.

Fx edinburgh

Snap shot…
… ok, so I polished my trading plan, happily got the first 20 trades under my belt and… got stuck, infrequent trades, no profit, constant stress, and everybody else is doing so much better than me!

I had to confront what I least expected: expectation. I wanted more trades and more profit. After a couple of months of quarreling with frustration I finally was able to give in and let go.
Once I cared less about any individual outcome I could carry out my trading plan and take quality setups more easily. This felt very relaxed, and trading was fun again, and I can focus on what the market is telling me.

Without the support from Vance and Steven, and our great trading community, constantly reminding me to stick with my plan, I certainly would fall back and constantly tweak and change my setups, copy other successful traders, as it seems so enticing!

Having such an unmatched support during challenging times is just priceless!


I’ve written on here before, but I feel that I need to add to my experience here.
Trading on here under Vance’s mentoring, has allowed me to break the shackles and really get into what’s required to trade for a living.
Trading is a huge mental game and we are all our worst enemies when it comes to trading for consistent profit.
The training that Vance asks of us puts us on the front line. We have to learn with his methods. It’s all about practice and developing a good, sound, practical method that is suited to you.
We all hear the horror stories about accounts being blown. We can make those mistakes here and not only learn from them, but be shown a better path.
I have tried for so long to be able to trade, reading books, using known methods, and a heap of cash on courses. I was really alone and trying to make sense of it. Even to the point I had doubts I could do it.
Art of War has given me the confidence to look at charts, to learn.
I have no doubt that in time, when I do the work, ask the questions, and become more experienced, I will be doing something I have always wanted to do.
I am keen to get involved in the live sessions as I have seen the quality of traders that were just like me.
I am confident of success simply because there is always someone there to help. Every aspect of trading is covered by Vance and his team.
I look forward to an exciting period of my life.
Thank you Vance.

Mark Fenech

Live sessions are a great place to watch learn and interact with other traders .There is great value in seeing other members trades ,asking what their thought process was ,what they were seeing .No matter how successful you trade ,others see things differently and have something to offer ,they have some insights you are missing . Because everyone here is trading their own trading plan that Vance has helped them put together ,you can see a wide variety of styles yet a common way to view the markets that lead to high probability trading .

Rob Carter

So the old trading broker decided to upgrade their simple charts and didn’t want to learn their new software, Thanks to Vance’s video’s i’m now up and running on the MT4 practice charts in less than an hour and comfortable using them. Very informative and to the point videos!

Cameron Upton

I am really excited to be here, I believe that I finally found what I was looking for, after spending more than $4000 in Software and programs never worked, I think this is a honest program that with all your support, I will be able to accomplish my goals. After I read 8 things they do not tell you about Forex trading I felt related to the motivations Vance had, spiritual and human issues. I have been following Jon Barron information for several years now, also there is a website Cancertutor.com that give us a better perspective about orthodoxy medicine vs. alternative medicine.

Luis Gomez

I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the past ten years on charting and trading programs. Most of them were too complex and complicated by filling up historical charts with technical indicators and spending to much time looking back at what had already occurred. I ended up confused, frustrated and indecisive in my trading. I suffered from what is commonly known as “Paralysis by Analysis” . Fortunately my son advised me to look into Vance Williams and his Forex Art of War. Vance’s system of trading is so simple yet most effective. He uses a basic candle chart with 2 moving averages. His strategy is to enter a trade using the most repeated trading setup on a chart. Vance also teaches to make consistent winning trades you must understand and recognize what the trader sentiment is at the present time. He stresses that to make consistent profits you must focus on the process and not the outcome. This will eliminate most of the emotions that cause bad trading decisions to be made. Vance’s approach to trading is simple and based on common sense, logic and the understanding of human nature. The Members Forum is a wonderful concept with fellow traders from all over the world posting trades, comments and helpful ideas. Thanks to Vance and his Forex Art of War training program I’m enjoying trading again. I highly recommend this to every trader looking to earn consistent profits.

Larry Refvik Sr.