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Morning Forex Trading (video) with Vance 5/18/16
Submited by Vance Williams on May 18th, 2016 at 7:36 am
I share my take on fundamental sentiment, price movement, trading techniques, and take trades when they arise. Tues-Thur mornings. Follow ...
Forex Trading with Vance (video) 5/17/16
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I share my take on fundamental sentiment, price movement, trading techniques, and take trades when they arise. http://youtu.be/fVMUEQPDJS4 BIO Vance Williams was a ...
Morning Forex Trading with Vance (video) 5/12/16
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I shared fundamentals, reviewed Tuesday setup, discussed current price movement, and talked about what you might watch for.   http://youtu.be/w5oP-agL4kM BIO Vance Williams was ...

Comments from Our Traders

I would like to comment on the training I have received from Vance. I am new to Forex trading and only joined Forex Art of War a month ago. I have learnt an incredible amount in a very should space of time, this is thanks to the structure of the program. Left to my own devices I am sure I would have plunged into live trading without the right skills or mindset to be successful. Thank you Vance for the guidance to date.

Brendan Boag

I’ll be going to have my first year anniversary with Forex Art of War in couple weeks time. I have to say, things that I learnt from Vance and others through forum and live sessions, are truly enormous!

I started out as a novice in Forex without even knowing what PiP was. I knew I needed to start somewhere and when I searched online (out of hundreds of different Forex schools and forums), I found Forex Art of War which then caught my interest and joined as member in the end. At first I was worried and being very skeptical whether I will be in a conman forum that teach nothing but keep asking for additional school fee. With all those in mind, I started watching and reading all the materials that required by each level. To my surprise, I was able to get my trading plan done by the end of third month. To me, the real forex journey starts when I completed my first draft.

Once I completed the trading plan, I was instructed to start documenting demo trades using my trading plan. Unlike other forum where hundreds of people sharing one posting thread. In Forex Art of war, I got my own forum page and I can post any question and action on it. This help tremendously as I am able to keep track my learning progress and review anytime I want, without the worry that trainers will lose track of my posting due to overwhelmed responses on single thread.

Since then, I posted my trading setups on personal forum page and received comments from Vance, trainers and members in the forum. I was also designated one to one real time trade review sessions with Vance to refine my trading plan and logic. As at the point I am writing this post, I have completed three sessions and I am getting more and more confident with my trading plan. Not only success trades ratio, but also on the understanding of the whole game.

Well, my gut served me well. If not I will not be writing this sincere compliment to Vance and team. No doubt there are many forex schools provide good trading courses, but it is the continuous guiding and training process on one’s trading journey that carry the true value. Forex Art of War is one true excellent program that carry this priceless jewel. In a nut shell, you will realised you are paying peanuts for a world class training program!

Thank you Vance, Rob, Oliver that provide valuable guidance and training to me selflessly. Not forget to mention all members in Forex Art of War that make this trading journey a wonderful and joyful one!

I would like to use one analogy that Vance frequently shared with us to close this posting. Learning to trade Forex is just like learning how to swing the baseball bat. Until you take initiative to start swinging the bat and allow the coach to correct you time over time, you will not become a world class player. No matter how many times you watch from world tournaments, training DVDs and books.

Success is not about what you know, is about what you do!

Wish all members in this forum and whoever read this posting a successful journey in forex! (including me of course! 😀 )

Clement Ngu

I have only been in training for 6 months with Forex Art of War and so far the experience has been great. There is a real feeling of accomplishment from the very 1st day. All of the advice and support during each step forward has been awesome. You learn to trade what you see from the charts and not pushed into trades that you have no idea what is happening or why.
Vance has a knack for bringing you and your mind into each trade with a good plan for entry and exit without any fear of the results.
The fact that other people and trainers are there to help and also learn from your trades is a wonderful thing.
Great platform and great people!

Rich Struss

Vance’s coaching is awesome because he watches you trade and helps you develop your own style of trading that fits only to your personality. It has helped me tremendously and puts me in position to become a much much better trader.

jeff hsu

For me, having to place my trades online for everyone to see really makes a difference. I think about every aspect of the trade before I take it. If I wasn’t posting I would probably be changing something every second trade. Initially I was concerned about posting a loosing trade and looking like a fool, but with all the positive feedback I have received I now have enough confidence to plan my trade and trade my plan.
Thanks everyone.


ForexArtofWar is your place to get coached and trained. There are many other trainers beside Sifu Vance are available to guide you.

I have gradually learn what was guided in the program and very happy with the progress. There are always new things to learn from each trade and live session.

Good job and many thank you to Sifu Vance for making this program. I certainly grateful to be here for so many months now.

Stevo Bravo

Hi Vance,

I want to thank you for a great course in Level 1 wherein I have learned a lot of things, especially on the basic of forex trading. It was really a paradigm shift for me on how I should look at the chart. So right now, I am quite excited in starting the Level 2 course.

Also, I want to thank the dedication of the trainers in providing me invaluable support to complete my course!


Nhoel Paine

I’d just like to comment on how critical this type of training and practice is.
The stories you here of Forex traders losing their accounts is a scary proposition when it comes to trading yourself. I have seen peoples accounts washed away.
This is a fear we all have.
But this training gets you right in the thick of things and your mistakes and learning curve are done in the correct way. In a practice account while learning.
No matter how good a trader you think you are, it’s very hard to develop YOUR way of trading without set backs, not only with unsuccessful trades, but also the psychological damage that can be done to your approach.
My fear of trading is not an issue now. I trade and learn. I listen to comments from Vance and the trainers. They know how to develop your way of trading. The way you think. Your trading is meant to be an interpretation of what you see in the charts. The trainers are there to fine tune what you see to help you trade the setups that are interpreted by you. The most important part of the training is to follow your trading plan exactly. This is the only way you can develop.
Vance’s training is by far the safest way to ultimately trade successfully. He teaches you how to trade, not his way, but yours.
I’m looking forward to learning more about what I see and how I can get transformed into a profitable trader.

Mark Fenech

I am here from 3 trading days and I wanted to share that it is absolutely enough for me to be sure that I am at the right place at the right time! I will list the thing which I find the most value in( much bigger value than the cost of the program – as I have lost about twice the size of the whole education here on a trade copier account for the fees and after the successful trader had 2 bad months and learned absolutely nothing about how to trade from this experience, just learned I should have to trust myself for trading in the future, at least if I do something wrong I will have the choice to correct it):
1. It’s absolutely vital for a newbie trader like me to have the support and feedback from experienced and profitable traders like Vance, Oliver and Rob (please excuse me if I exclude someone as I have received feedback from them since my 3 days here). This could save you headaches( as I have very much of them when I was trying to cut my way through numerous systems and indicators looking for the holy grail. I used to get up early in the morning make my chart look like a 1 year-old kid drawing with 2413531 indicators and trying the new system… it hurts….so much…).
2.The training here can save you much time(I cannot stress out how much time it can save as since I watched the videos in level 1 and level 2 I know now more about what I should do and more importantly what I shouldn’t do in order to make a successful career in Forex, than I knew before even when I was reading all day long and practicing various systems and feeling in an dead end street)
3.Forex Art of War training can save you loads of money spent on systems and trade copiers. Believe me I know!
4.Actually I love the idea about the Sun Tzu’s Art of War as this is a concept which is actually valid throughout the whole life. It can be applied as easily to health issues as it is to Forex trading. I love Vance’s thinking which is holistic(considering every aspect that you effect your success and making yourself invulnerable(as Sun Tzu teaches) by strengthening every one of them to the max you can and then waiting for the right opportunity to present itself to strike and win.(not looking for reasons to enter the market here and there just to feel you are trading)
5. I would firmly encourage you to join Forex Art of War it is indescribably wonderful to feel part of a team which supports you in your way to success in this lonely in it’s nature journey of Forex Trading.
6. I firmly stay behind my words if you have questions, feel free to contact me on alexmicheff@gmail.com
All the best to the team here and the future additions, can’t wait to trade with you guys,
Aleksandar Michev

Alexander Michev

Gradually through the training levels I received great support from Vance and his team in developing my trading plan and learning to stick to it.
The constant feedback and regular evalutions of my trades motivates me to eliminate more and more marginal setups and those not in accordance to my trading rules. I recently accomplished my first series in level 4 (trading a live account) generating 5R (return of five times my risk) in a little over one month’s period.
Hat’s off to this extremely effective training.