Morning Forex Trading w/ Vance (video) 5/25/16

May 25, 2016 in Forex Training, Fundamental Outlook, Live Forex Show with Vance, Price Logic Analysis by Vance Williams

I share my take on fundamental sentiment, price movement, trading techniques, and take trades when they arise. Tues-Thur mornings. Follow on G+ to know when they will begin.

Vance Williams was a currency trader and trainer for 12 years. Seeing less than 1% of traders being successful, from 2004-2010, he focused on how traders develop the market and personal skills to win. In March of 2014 he retired from currency trading, but wrote a book “Forex Legacy” that captures his 11 years of experience teaching you how to master the market and master yourself. This book is free and can be downloaded at – no registration of any kind is required. He continues to donate his time Tue, Wed and Thur to help traders during this live session and a community of forums.