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  1. Rob Davies says:

    Hi everyone,

    Enjoying the shows, thanks for keeping them up.

    I was wondering how much time you guys spend watching the charts for your trading strategies? And on the training which I’m considering joining soon – do you pick you favorite (most profitable based on experience) time slot? For example, Victor mentioned he spotted two great trades while Vance was asleep. I’m guessing the reverse is also true due to the time zone differences. Is it luck of the draw about when the opportunities come up and part of the discipline is knowing you might be asleep for some of the set ups? I was also asleep for the two great set ups, despite following the charts for the previous 4h (London NY overlap) where nothing happened :-(

    All the best,

    Rob D

  2. fahid bottar says:

    i am coming on this website everyday, just to talk with vance williams. but i didn’t find any link where i can see him online. i just finished my studies in economics and risk management and now looking for a guru who can help me in REAL for forex trading and i find vance interesting. i know most of the stuff but just little confused in few things. so please make some arrangements for me to talk with him, i want to join his team and want to be a full time trader. thanks

  3. Rao Umar says:

    Hi Vance:

    Not sure if you remember me but I see you have done some nice things since our days of introduction into the Forex mkt. Put me on your email list and stay in touch. Cheers! D.

  4. AKM Aktaruzzaman says:

    I would like to be member

  5. AKM Aktaruzzaman says:

    Hi Vance, nice to hear your support for Forex traders and hope it will continue……….

  6. Phillip Mamabolo says:

    Hi Vance, glad to know you. Sounds interesting, You say “For the time being, the analysis will focus on intraday price action” oes that mean you will do end of day at some point?

  7. shanjoy kumar biswas says:


    This is Shanjoy from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I need your valuable comments always. Would you please add my account address in your mail list? I am new comer in this ForeX world. How can I touch you.

    // shanjoy

  8. John says:

    Hi, I’m jus curious, if u r so confident in your trading method, why don’t u just do forex full time, doubling the amount u put when possible, by law of compounding, you should be a billionaire. And if you really know this ways to “get rich”, why r u so easily willing to teach us for free? It’s like u work so hard to find the trick, and u just let us lazy bumpers know it?

    I want to emphasize I’m not here to challenge you or doubt you, in fact I truly want to learn a lot a lot from you and be a successful forex trader to earn money. I’m jus asking these questions sincerely. Thanks.

    • Hi John. It’s a fair question. I’ve been fortunate to live my dreams not once, but twice in my life. The first one was a financial dream, and the second is my family.

      In the mid 90’s, I made it my focus to achieve personal and financial freedom. During that time, I learned that you achieve that, in part by helping others get what they want.

      Once I had a taste of this idea applied, I was hooked for life. There’s a certain inspiration the comes from this type of work.

      In the 90’s, my focus was in the field of personal development. I succeeded in getting what I wanted, and then set out to help others, publishing two educational programs. After that, I went on to exceed my own expectations in life, living in a penthouse on a beach. And at that point, I saw that I had made a mistake. Much of what was really important to me was left behind. The money was not even close to what I really wanted.

      Having solved the financial mystery, I focused my life on my values and balance. And it was at this time that I met up with Jon Barron, and we took on the challenges of the health crisis in 2001. By 2003, we had created a foundation for learning accessible online throughout the world. Our newsletters today are read in more than 150 countries in the world.

      In 2004, the company didn’t need me anymore, and I stumbled into Forex trading. I was fascinated by the idea that human behavior was repetitive and that we could anticipate future events by understanding past behavior. I found a good teacher, and did better than most early on. I would attribute this to my years in personal development and my willingness to follow what my teacher was showing me how to do.

      I made the assumption that most did. I assumed that if I showed someone else what I was doing, they could copy me and become successful. Of course this was totally false, and would take years to fully understand.

      But from 2005 to present day that’s all I have been working on. How “you” learn to trade. How you develop the skill. The big breakthrough came in 2009 when I studied the Art of War.

      I realized why so many were failing. And that’s when I created the Forex Art of War strategy. I spent the last three years refining and testing it. Only in the past month did I invite anyone to attend or to pay me to help them.

      So the answer to your question is that “this is what I do.” I work on difficult problems. My next focus will likely be some of the very difficult problems we face in the world. There will likely be no business involved, but I will use the strategy skills I’ve learned to get polarized groups to talk to one another via social media. The goal will be to see what the best strategies are, and what is practical for us to do. The first step will be social education so that we can solve some of our problems by voting with the dollars we spend. So again, this is what I do. ~Vance

  9. val says:

    i want to be a member here please tell me how

  10. Rajat Saxena says:


    I reside in India and lost a job few months ago. I am not sure what would I do in the future, but would love to be a forex trader. I have some good contacts in India to invest money in it. Can u send me some of the materials or the white papers I can go through before I start the journey as a forex merchant trader.


  11. Durango says:

    Hi Vance:

    Not sure if you remember me but I see you have done some nice things since our days of introduction into the Forex mkt. Put me on your email list and stay in touch. Cheers! D.

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