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June 1, 2016 in Fundamental Outlook, High Impact Data, Price Logic Analysis, Today's Analysis by Vance Williams

Hi Team. Interestingly, Brexit has now gained traction. This adds to the positive USD sentiment when looking at the GBP/USD pair. Keep your eye on the most important issues. 1. Stability 2. Brexit. 3. Conclusions about numbers in the US vs. UK or Eurozone. 4. Developments around these three 5. Unusual events (such as Non Farm or yesterday’s “end of month.” In the stability story, the EU is in the top third of its weekly range. So in terms of price, maintaining that balance between the USD And Euro is not currently an issue. This is the first trading day in 4 that the USD has corrected vs. the Euro.  The moves down by the GU this morning were questionable. The first move was into a range bottom. What followed was choppy.  But at the arrow,  I show how you could see an advantage and a way to manage the risk, followed by a 19 PIP move.













Vance Williams was a currency trader and trainer for 12 years. In March of 2014 he retired from currency trading, but wrote a book “Forex Legacy” that captures his 11 years of experience teaching you how to master the market and master yourself. This book is free and can be downloaded at – no registration of any kind is required. He continues to donate his time Tue, Wed and Thur to help traders during this live session and a community of forums.


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Price Alert 7:47 AM Looking Good This Morning!

January 19, 2013 in Today's Analysis by Master

We’ve seen these nice trend reversal indicators repeatedly. First supply lines, and then 76.4 levels. The EUR/USD bus left the station, but the GBP/USD is pausing to think about it right now. Investor sentiment is on board. Follow me live at this link this morning. ~Vance

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EUR/USD and GBP/USD Trends Down, but….

January 16, 2013 in Today's Analysis by Master

What catches my eye is this: EUR/USD pushed to the bottom again, and made a big push up to 76.4 (last stand). So we are in a downtrend, but price could reverse due to trend exhaustion and lots of buying this morning. GBP/USD has extended far enough in this move down that I’m no longer interested, personally. Investor sentiment is negative, which right now, supports a further drop on these pairs. You can follow my live analysis and see a picture at this link. ~Vance