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Forex Trading with Vance (not a video today)
Submited by Vance Williams on June 1st, 2016 at 8:45 am
Hi Team. Interestingly, Brexit has now gained traction. This adds to the positive USD sentiment when looking at the GBP/USD ...
Forex Trading with Vance (video) 5/31/16
Submited by Vance Williams on May 31st, 2016 at 6:57 am
I share my take on fundamental sentiment, price movement, trading techniques, and take trades when they arise. Tues-Thur mornings. Follow ...
Morning Forex Trading with Vance (video) 5/26/16
Submited by Vance Williams on May 26th, 2016 at 7:12 am
I shared more thoughts on Fundamentals this morning to give you a good view of current sentiment and price movement ...

Comments from Our Traders

Hi Vance,
I want to thank you for what you do!

Before signing up I completely ignored your member feedback page.. hahaha!
Because it was on your site, I just assumed they were coerce or manipulated.
In hindsight, now that I’m a member, I see it’s just feedback page.
All from your members, completely honest and organic.
Which makes that page even more impressive!

I have to say I signed up because you’re down to earth, serious, very experienced, and accessible.
You also cover all aspects of trading, not just strategy.

The fact that your not a “youtube forex celb”, didn’t surprise and is a positive for you, IMO!
There are too many that live on teaching forex rather then actually trading forex!

I like your motto of education is watching you, and training is you watch us.
It explains exactly what your program is all about.

Your on going mentorship is of me great value to me and not to mention your entertaining and informative morning sessions!

Your 1cent trial is a no-brainer and your 12 monthly payment plan is very generous.

I don’t have any hesitation recommending Vance to beginners or non beginners, who are serious about being ‘consistently profitable’ in forex!


Mike Garcia

Moment of Clarity
A few weeks ago I had a moment of clarity.
After a year of learning Forex with Vance and trading it all came together.
It was one of those moments when everything you have been studying, practicing and researching all comes together in one coherent thought.
The moment of Ah Ha!
I get it now!
That is what happened for me.
For a year now I have been studying with Vance and trading. I have been learning more and more as the time went on. Practicing and doing research.
It was just shortly after I started posting fundamentals in the Team Fundamentals Forum that I had insight.
I was listening to one of the morning live recordings and Vance was talking about short and medium term trades. I am not sure what he said or what he was showing, but at that moment everything came together and I knew exactly what he was talking about, what the market fundamentals meant and what my trading plan meant.
It was the best feeling I have had in a very long time concerning Forex.
It was also the first time since I started this I didn’t get an anxiety attack or upset stomach at the thought of trading a live account. I realized that there is not a difference, as long as I follow my trading plan.
By no means am I done learning or looking for guidance from Vance, far from it.
It just means I understand what Vance has been teaching us and it allows me to learn more.
The foundation that Vance is teaching is more important than anything you will learn in Forex. Without it you will fail and lose all your money.
My motto is Patience and Persistence.
Don’t rush it, don’t force it.
Be Patient and Persist in your learning.

Ted Elliott

I am truly enjoying your program.
It is more than trading; it is a way of thinking and a way of life.
The holistic approach Vance teaches not only helps you with your trading, but with everyday life. His advice and recommendations for reading have helped improve what I do and how I do it.
This is a great course and it is hard to put a price on all the benefits you get. Keep an open mind truly listen to what is being said and you will do more than master currency trading, you will begin to master your life.

Ted Elliott

I’ve been trading forex for about 8 years since 2006. Throughout the first 7 years I spent thousands of dollars on countless online trading methods, robots, mirror trading, and none of them worked for me. I was blowing my account over and over again. On top of all my losses, I spent all day and night glued to my computer monitor looking at charts. I had no profit and no life, and even though I was working from home, I was spending more time on my charts than with my own family. I was consumed with trying to make forex my livelihood and main source of income, but my untrained efforts only brought me to more debt and a huge sense of failure. It felt almost impossible to make money trading. Most people would have probably stopped trading completely after losing over $10,000, but I still believed it was possible to make a living trading forex. When I came across Vance’s Art of War video on youtube, I was trading a small account ($1000) unsuccessfully. The free online videos and free e-books that I read and watched, showed his general method of trading which was so simple, yet so precise and accurate. I was even starting to make consistent profit following just his youtube videos, so I knew that I stumbled onto what I have been looking and hoping for all these years. The fact that he was giving away his method for free and not some sneaky tease method only to lure you in to pay for some software or EA and then leave you to fend for yourself, was unique to me. So I put my live account on hold and joined his forexartofwar program.
Vance helps you create a trading plan, using his proven method, designed specifically for each individual trader. His training, forum, insight, and expertise are like nothing I’ve ever come across. For the first time in 8 years, I am trading with a step by step plan that he helped create for me to trade successfully with consistent profit. I don’t spend my entire day glued to my charts anymore. I have strict rules that I follow which now gives me the freedom and peace of mind I never had trading forex. Although I still have more to learn through my experience, I am greatly appreciative to Vance and everyone in the forum who has helped me get to where I am today. I’ve learned more about my trading and myself personally in the last 7 months from Vance than I have in the last 7 years on my own.

Jose Bada

I really love your philosophical approach to trading. I now truly appreciate the interconnectedness of all that is. Your program has given me all the necessary tools for me to develop my own skill.

I could write an essay detailing the value of your guidance; but to put it succinctly, thank you for being the signpost that has shown me the path of least resistance. I’m grateful for the wealth of knowledge and training you have provided me. Thanks for keeping it real!

Jason Tong

I signed up with Vance about 7 months ago. I have been busy with my two little daughters, so I’ve been working on the program very slowly. Vance’s program has many great qualities. For me, it’s extremely flexible. And because Vance watches your progress PERSONALLY, you receive top notch education. The live sessions are great. You interact DIRECTLY with Vance and other traders. Vance does not just give you information and learning material and tells you to go figure it out. He watches your practice trades and gives you personal feedback. And for me, that is the most valuable education I can get anywhere.

Alex O

I am a curious person by nature. I have dabbled in a lot of different educational/financial concepts. I have always been looking for a great way to get involved in the financial market.
When I ran across ForexArtOfWar.com I thought it was just another one of those websites that wanted to take your money and leave you high and dry. I entered my contact information in on the website and did not expect anything to come of it. The next morning I awoke to a call from Vance. I thought “wow, they seem on top of it, for sure this is just one of those telemarketers.” He told me about a free 30 day trial to the complete education of the website and then hands on training with a reasonable cost after a month. I thought to myself we will see what happens after 30 days right?
I was travelling for work then, so I had quite a bit of free time. I began learning as much as I could as quick as I could. I got to a point where I had learned the concepts (so I thought). I was thinking they would just say thanks for your money, now go out and use your money to practice what we taught.
That was not what happened at all.
I was told to not open a live account and just practice under the direction of Vance and his team until I knew exactly what was happening. So….Here I sit about 6 months after running into ForexArtOfWar.com and I am getting much closer to live trading. I feel a million times more secure about what is happening in the Forex market than I did before. I had no knowledge at all. I now know that when I do start live trading, I will understand the logic of the market well enough to experience success.
Vance has characteristics that are not found very often in people. For some reason, he wants to mentor us as we grow and make us better Forex traders. It is as if everything he does is only to help others. That is a very admirable trait that the majority of us do not possess.

Todd Larson

I am brand spanking new to forex trading and have been navigating my way through the site and level 1 videos and training. Needless to say everything feels a bit daunting but just sitting and focusing every day and not letting my fear and slow progress discourage me is great.

I am usually very impatient but realized that will just land me into deep water in the world of forex trading. Just having to go through everything step-by-step with the assistance of the trainers is forcing me to focus, master and then move on at a reasonable pace.

What I find particularly motivating is to see how different people are progressing to different levels every day – that is really very inspirational to me and it keeps me focused and exited to keep going. This is a great learning community and exactly what a newbie like me needs. There is no ra,ra,ra about how much money is made and no moaning and complaining about how much is lost.

Vance, thank you for creating such a great space to learn and thank you everyone for building and maintaining such a great positive learning community.


Myrna Kirk

If you are looking for an edge in the Forex market, this is the place to be. Fundamental and technical education is important, but training and discipline is what sets an Art of War trader apart from the rest of the market. You know you are working with the real deal when the program has been developed and centered around principles from the one and only, Sun Tzu.

What really sets this program apart from the others is the psychological training you receive as well. It is what gives you the edge as a trader. You must conquer yourself before you’re even able to survive in the Forex market. The added benefit of having psychological training is that it has positively influenced all aspects of my personal life too!

Working with Vance and his team is a pleasure. The training and social environment is friendly and more importantly, focused. If you want a professional, no nonsense, down to earth, practical, and encouraging approach to Forex, then Vance is your man. It’s affordable, and you get more than you pay for – provided you apply yourself and put trust in the program.

I feel that I could not have done this any quicker with anyone else. From zero trading experience to going live in just 5 months – and without any compromise to the quality of education or training. Joining this program has made me feel very grateful for having saved $$$ and years of grief from failure.

THANK YOU Vance and team!

Jason Tong

Vance’s flexibility and patience allowed me to combine this training with employment and college work. I’ve been training with vance for a little over 18 months now. I’ve been supplementing university work with trading in my free time so I have subsequently progressed significantly slower through the training process than my fellow traders here at FAW. I was initially surprised at vance’s dedication to each individual trainee’s skills and circumstances. In the beginning I’d often remind Vance of how I’m getting on as I knew he had 100s of trainees and didn’t want to be forgotten in the haystack, however overtime Vance’s actions made it clear that he sculpts the program around each individual’s interests and skills so I had nothing to worry about!

Now at level 3, Vance and I spent hours (30min at a time) developing and perfecting a high probability trading setup that I am confident using. The amazing thing is that I did it all by myself! This is why I believe Vance is great at being patient with his trainees, as contrary to other Forex programs, Vance waited until I observed the correct behavior myself and merely guided me in the correct track. Vance allowed me to write and develop every part and nuance of my own system for myself which gives me a solid sense of satisfaction and credibility when executing decisions in real time.

The most valued facet of this program however is the complimentary wisdom he gives. Vance’s methodical and psychological approach to not just trading, but real world experiences has really taught me a lot and helped me address daily encounters with more of a logical, planned perspective. His rants about expectations, consistency, execution and assumptions I tend to find increasingly interesting as often his life experiences and advice are ones I find value in and appreciate.

Becoming a member of this program is quickly shaping out to be one of my most proudest decisions of my life at the age of 22! I would certainly recommend a friend to try at least a couple of months with the FAW team, and once you see the light, you’ll want to never leave :)

Shady Attia